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Chekhov Foundation Year

nine months of full-time study




- professional orientation
- training for professional actors and other artists
- Basic Year of MTSB

2023 / 2024

Director: Jobst Langhans


The Chekhov Foundation Year is a nine month full-time training idealy suited to people who ...



... want to find out, by way of an intensive acting course, if a career in drama has a future for them, or if they want to qualify for the Professional Training for Actors at the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin.



... need to prepare for a peadagogical project (in the rhealm of theatre, for example) and wish to refresh or deepen their own understanding of artistic practice before working with others.



... have already completed a drama training elsewhere, but are interested in developing their craft further in an intensive study of the Chekhov method.



First Trimester

25 September to 15 December 2023 (c. 22 hours/week)
Basic training (practical and theoretical training in the Stanislavski and Chekhov methods, physical technique, voice and speech training, function and development of the imagination (inner pictures) and atmospheres, psycho-physical exercises, improvisation, character finding, text work, compositional analysis).


Second Trimester

08 January to 22 March 2024 (c. 24 hours/week)
Basic training as in the first Trimester, psychogical gesture, space and time composition (dynamics), scene work (in pairs).


Third Trimester

15 April to 12 July 2024 (c. 40 hours/week)
Basic training, Project work (production of a finished play, or scenes from a play, or development and writing of the groups own play) to finish in a theatre performance.


The basic training is from Monday to Friday from 9.00 until 14.00 (changes can occur). Lesson preparation requires c. 3 hours.



Basic training, physical technique, psycho-physical training, improvisation, scene-studies, voice and speech training, Feldenkreis/Aikido, choir, Scene Work.



Foundation course in mime, neutral mask, improvisation.



Jobst Langhans (director, actor, director of MTSB)
basic training, scene-studies, compositional anaysis.
Dido-Marie Laux (actor) improvisation an speech
Bernhard Mumm (Feldenkreis teacher/therapist) Feldenkreis method
a. o.

Guest Teachers

Jörg Brennecke (mime teacher/artist) mime basics, neutral mask.
Fedor Stephanov (actor - Moskow) improvisation
Other teachers will be engaged for the scene work.  

(changes can occur)




Access to the Foundation Year depends on the outcome of an audition where applicants will be expected to present one short scene/monologue from a play (max length: 5 minutes), as well as a poem or a short story

Download application form:     pdf-File    



If you send the completed application to our office, you will receive an invitation for the entrance examination.



are 395 euros/month (9 months)- Fees are to be paid in advance at the beginning of every Trimester.





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