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- Full-time education (10 Trimester)
- Stage Examination
- preparation for ZAV-Examination


Goal of Studies:   School Stage Examination
(preparation for ZAV-Examination)
Length of Studies:   At least 10 Trimesters

The goal of these studies is to train the self-sufficiency and artistic creativity of the individual until the student can independently master and meet the numerous expectations which arise in the actors' profession.

This goal will be reached through work on the following themes:

  • Work on the instrument (body and voice)
  • Work on the artistic Imagination
  • Work on artistic individuality
  • Development of individual technique


Basic Year
(Chekhov Foundation Year)
1st to 3rd trimester
  During the Foundation Year students will encounter all the main skills required in the actors' occupation. This year acts as an orientation programme for the individual to find their direction and learn their weak points as well as being a trial period for the teachers to assess the suitability of the students for their chosen craft.
    Subjects: Acting basics, physical technique, psycho-physical training, improvisation, scene studies, voice and speech training, Feldenkreis, Aikido, choir.


Foundation course in mime, neutral mask, improvisation


Get more information about this course: Chekhov Foundation Year



Second Year
4th to 6th trimester
  In their second year, students will work intensively within the group, exploring the most important epochs in the history of theatre: Greek- Shakespeare- Classical/ Romantic/ Realism. The resulting pieces will be in staged and performed to the general public. The student learns how to deal with different acting techniques and forms of presentation and receives an introduction in the work infront of the camera.

At the same time as the scene work, students will also receive one-to-one or small group tuition in speech and singing. The emphasis will be on the monologue as well as on epic and lyric texts. In order for the students to develop their performance skills, these lessons will be presented in the form of readings and performances.

    Subjects: Scene work (dialogue, lyric and epic text, project work), speech, dance, singing, physical technique, acting theory, intorduction in carmera acting etc.


Third Year
7th to 10th trimester
  In their third year the students will concentrate on their personal nature. They will be encouraged to find their own tone and playing field. The tuition for this year is very individual.

The goal of this training is for each student to develop their own repertoire of audition monologues and/or their own projects for their final exams, as well as the discovery and development of their individual articulation as artists.
In project works (a fairy tale production, participation in productions of "theaterburg Rosslau", the "Chekh-off players" or in studio projects or self-produced productions by the students), the students gather stage experiences. In addition, the play in front of the camera will be deepened.

    Subjects: Improvisation (emphasis on 'authenticity' and 'performance methods'), speech, singing, physical technique, scene work, camera acting, etc.



Requirements   To enter the basic year, you have to take part in an audition.
To be included in the 2nd year, you must have successfully completed the basic year. The successful completion of the basic year chooses an intermediate examination.
Applicants who already have a basic acting training can opt to skip the Foundation Year. Depending on their audition we would decide whether they should start in the second or the third year.
These applicants should prepare two scenes from different plays and epochs (max length: 5 minutes), as well as a poem or a short story. They should also have an excellent working knowledge of the Chekhov method and a basic understanding of den Stanislawski-System.
    Download Application Form: pdf-File
Auditions   If you send the completed application to our office, you will receive an invitation for the entrance examination.


School Dates 2023/24  
1st Trimester 25 Sep
15 Dec 2023
2nd Trimester 08 Jan
22 Mrz 2024
3rd Trimester 15 Apr
12 Jul 2024



Study fees  
Basic Year - trimester 1 to 3 395 € / month ( 9 months)
Holiday Fee 255 € / month ( 2 months)
Second Year - trimester 4 to 6 415 € / month ( 9 months)
Holiday Fee 255 € / month ( 2 months)
Third Year - trimester 7 to 9 430 € / month ( 9 months)
Holiday Fee 255 € / month ( 2 months)
trimester 10 440 € / month ( 3 months)

Please note that we calculate our fees for month and a fee for the holidays.

Fees are to be paid in advance at the beginning of every Trimester.


BAföG Means tested funding applications can be made for the MTSB drama training.




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