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You want to be an actor / actress and inspire and transform your audience?
Then you've come to the right place.
Michael Chekhov's method will be of great help to you. It is not just an excellent method for actors / actresses, but also a school for life.
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This is the art: as an actor / actress
you have to give everything you have.
And what do you have? Your life - nothing more.
Giving life means to feel the
life in your whole being.
Michael Chekhov


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Last Minute Aufnahmen sind noch möglich. Jetzt arber hurtig!

Mo. 25. Sep 23
offenes Schauspieltraining

Im Oktober geht es wieder los mit der Einführung in die Basic Tools der Tschechow Schauspieltechnik.

Do. 05. Okt bis Fr. 01. Dez 23
Mein Freund Harvey

Abschlussprojekt Aufbaustudium 3

Regie: Beatrice Scharmann

Do. 12. Okt bis So. 05. Nov 23
Absolventenvorspiel 2023

Morgane Chouzenoux, Max Dietrich, Shirin Eck, Nikita Gestrich, Hannah Humpert, Elisa Mildner, Tobias Sill, Juliane Ulmer und Anke Walter

Leitung: Justus Carrière

Fr. 08. , Sa. 09. und So. 10. Dez 23
Abschluss Griechenepoche

Aufbaustudium 1

Regie: Jobst Langhans

Di. 12. und Mi. 13. Dez 23
30 Jahre internationale Tschechow Bewegung

Interview mit den direkten Schülern von Michael Tschechow, Mala Powers und Hurd Hatfield

Fr. 15. Dez 23
Training offers
Foundation Studies
Chekhov Foundation Year


Career orientation
You would like to find out whether the profession of an actor or actress is suitable for you during an intensive, nine-month full-time training with a lot of practice? You can try it out with us. During this time you will learn the basics of the Stanislavski system and especially the tools of the Chekhov technique, which are becoming more and more important for modern actors. And of course you will learn many other things that will enable you to join our postgraduate program.

Advanced training
You have already completed your training as an actor / actress, singer, dancer or musician and are looking for ways to touch your audience at its core and achieve free and inspired performance. The Chekhov acting technique will be a great help to you.

Theatre Pedagogy
You want to study the Chekhov acting method in order to use it later in theatre pedagogy. The tools of Michael Chekhov, in addition to the known methods, form an excellent basis and supplement for theatre pedagogical fields of work.

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Postgraduate study
Training for stage maturity exam


The aim of the postgraduate studies is the training of an independent and artistically creative personality in order to independently master the diverse demands of the profession of acting and to achieve stage maturity (admission to ZAV artist placement). Prerequisite is the successful completion of the Chekhov study year or comparable training.


Work on body, voice, artistic imagination and individuality, development of personal techniques.


1st Postgraduate Year
Intensive ensemble work covers theatrical forms of the major periods: Drama of Ancient Greece, Shakespeare, Classism, Romanticism, Realism. In addition to scene study, individual and small group classes focus on training in speech, singing, acting techniques, and presentation skills. The results are performed as public theatre productions in the studio or as guest performances.

2nd Postgraduate Year
Personal approach and expression are developed individually. The aim is a repertoire of audition roles for the final exam, as well as a project in the selection and realisation of which the student's own artistic expression is found.

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Part-time further education acting


9 weekends in which playfulness, imagination, discovering and testing your creative power are the focus.
Following Chekhov's footsteps, we will dive into the themes of center and periphery, 4 elements, atmosphere, centers of movement, imaginary body and psychological gesture. Open-ended, processual research alternates with the testing of proven tools of theatre pedagogy.

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