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Vocational Acting Seminar

2017 / 2018

Michael Chekhov Method and Drama Teaching / Therapy
Director: Jörg Andrees


In this seminar students work out of Rudolph Steiners' "Dramatic Courses" as well as with the Michael Chekhov method towards an understanding of theatre and theatre work with children, young people and adults.
Through this preoccupation with the theatre craft, students are able to nourish their creative imagination in order to enliven their own particular occupation.



  • Basic drama training (concentration and imagination, awareness, psycho-physical exercises, improvisation, character finding and development, speech, physical training and eurythmy).
  • Conceptual basics (compositional analysis, directing concepts and rehearsal organisation, psychological acting phenomenen)
  • Practical experience in working on a monologue or dialogue (scene-studies).



The Seminar

takes place over nine weekends throughout the year (altogether c. 150 contact hours).




Jörg Andrees (seminar director, drama, scenes)
Christiane Görner (speech, scenes)
Stefan Lenz (eurythmy, physical training, scenes)

Guest teachers will be invited when required (for class play for example.




Applications should be written directly to the Seminar. The first weekend is seen as a two-way trial weekend.

Download application form:     pdf-File    




260,-- euros per weekend



Get to know the training

On Firday, 20th May 2016 and 12th May 2017 (18.00 until 22.00 h) you may join our open training. (application requested - no fee)



Dates for Seminar weekends

  13.-15.10.2017 17.-19.11.2017
19.-21.1.2018 16.-18.2.2018 16.-18.3.2018
13.-15.4.2018 25.-27.5.2018 15.-17.6.2018
Friday: 18.30-22.00, Saturday: 9.30-18.30*, Sunday: 9.30-13.30
*Saturday evening group theatre visit



For more information about the Seminars, please contact Jörg Andrees at

Jörg Andrees
Im Wiesengrund 2, 14532 Stahnsdorf, Tel 0170 242 97 34, 03329 69 28 94

Mail: Joerg.Andrees(at)t-online.de


Further information: http://www.chekhov-berlin.com/



Advanced Workshop


Advanced Workshop
21.-23..4.2017 Stefan Lenz

Advanced Workshop
8.-10.9.2017 Christiane Görner

Advanced Workshop
10.-12.11.2017 Jörg Andrees

2 Advanced Workshops with Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan (USA)
19. - 20. August 2017 and
21. - 25. August 2017
(in English)

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