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Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin and Michael Chekhov International Academy present


With Joerg Andrees and International Masters

A One-and-a-Half Year Part Time programme For Actors, Directors, Performers (progress toward a qualification as a Michael Chekhov Technique Teacher).

November 2016 - July 2017
(eight one week long modules); EUR 590,- week

"The actor in the future must not only find another attitude towards his physical body and voice, but to his whole existence on the stage in the sense that the actor, as an artist, must, more than anyone else, enlarge his own being by the means of his profession..."?
Michael Chekhov "Lessons to the professional actor"

This intensive training programme will enable actors and directors as well as performers to use the unique tools of the Michael Chekhov Technique to enhance their creativity in their professional work. Michael Chekhov's understanding of the creative nature of the human being, and the practical needs of the actor, led him to find new tools for the actor and director. Involving imagination, and psycho-physical techniques, Chekhov's method respects the actor as a free creative artist. Central to this is the development of artistic feelings on stage, and the psychological gesture, for creating the character.
This intensive training programme offers, in eight one week long modules, a well structured, practical approach to the tools of the Michael Chekhov Technique. International practioners and tutors of his method will provide a deep insight into the world-wide understanding of this highly acclaimed technique. Working on monologues, short scenes and improvisations, the actor will develop creative skills for finding the character, both for stage and film. Having completed modules 1-6, the participant may then progress toward a qualification as a Michael Chekhov Technique Facilitator by succesfully completing modules 7 and 8.


Mail: Joerg.Andrees(at)t-online.de or mobil +49-170-242 97 34

From New York we are delighted once again to have
FERN SLOAN and TED PUGH, the Masters of the
Chekhov Technique for over 30 years, as guests in Berlin.
We invite you to join their workshops. They will give us their
unique and practical insight into the Chekhov-Technique
with special training:

„We will address the whole psycho-physical aspect of the work through the fundamentals: expanding/contracting, moulding, floating, flying, radiating, giving and receiving, and the four brothers. This will lead into work with archetypes and psychological gesture.“

Weekend Workshop: Psychological Gesture
Active Participation: Fee: 290,-€ (Early Birds until 30.5.17: 240,-€)
Passive Participation: 150,- € (only when booked in advance)
Application fee for both: 50,00€ (non refundable)

Week Workshop: Psycho-physical fundamentals of the Chekhov Technique
Active Participation: Fee: 590,-€ (Early Birds until 30.5.17: 540,-€)
Passive Participation: 290,- € (only when booked in advance)
Application fee for both: 50,00€ (non refundable)

Save €80 by booking both workshops (active participants only).
Info & Booking (see application form):
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries:
+49 (0)170 2429734 (Joerg Andrees, M.C.I.A Director)
+49 (0)176 24205444 (Sarah Purcell, M.C.I.A Administrator)

(Please use the application form and accept the conditions of participation.)
Attention: limited places for active and passive participation!
Workshop is in English; no translations / keine Übersetzung während des Kurses





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