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"As actors and actresses, we must rejoice in the possession of our physical faculties. We must experience joy in the use of our hands, arms, body etc. Without this appreciation and realization of the body and its many possibilities, we cannot perform as artists You should feel a flow of joy because you are alive."

Michael Chekhov


2024 / 2025

Michael Chekhov Method and Drama Teaching
Director: Stefan Lenz und Kollegium


9 weekends, which focus on joy of playing, imagination, the discovery and testing of your creative power. In Chekhov's footsteps, we immerse ourselves in the topics center and perimeter, 4 elements, atmosphere, movement centers, imaginary body and psychological gesture. Results-oriented, process-oriented research alternates with the testing of proven tools of theater education.


The Seminar
takes place over nine weekends throughout the year (altogether c. 150 contact hours).


Sarah Purcell, Rudolf Krause, Beate Krützkamp and Stefan Lenz


Applications should be written directly to the Seminar. The first weekend is seen as a two-way trial weekend.

Download application form:


285,-- euros per weekend(Early bird discount possible)



Open Training
Get to know the training
15.03.2024, 18-22 Uhr (application requested - no fee)
24.05.2024, 18-22 Uhr(application requested - no fee)



Dates for Seminar weekends

20.-22.09.2024 18.-20.10.2024 22-24.11.2024
24.-26.01.2025 21.-23.02.2025 21.-23.03.2025
02.-04.05.2025 23.-25.05.2025 20.-22.06.2025
Friday: 18.30-22.00, Saturday: 9.30-18.30*, Sunday: 9.30-13.30
*Saturday evening group theatre visit



For more information about the Seminars, please contact:


Stefan Lenz
Fon: Tel+49-176 878 699 71

Further information:



Advanced Workshop


Special Seminar
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