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"I need your help. For that which could easily be made comprehensible by personal contact and demonstration, must of necessity depend on mere words and intellectual concepts. Unfortunately, there is no other way to co-operate: the technique of acting can never be properly understood without practicing it."

Michael Chekhov



Get to know The Studio
When is it possible to get to know The Studio?

The simplest answer is: come to one of our performances! This would give you the opportunity to meet and speak to our students and teachers who would be happy to answer your questions.
For information on our current and upcoming productions please click 'current activities' in the link in the window on the right. You can also make an online request for our newsletter which will keep you regularly updated on up-and-coming events. Just click on the link below.

Can I observe your lesson for my practical experience?

Yes, you would be very welcome. But we would appreciate it if you would ring to let us know when you want to come. You would also need to get in contact with the other teachers to find out what times would suit them.


Admission procedure / Examinations
Admission procedure

If you would like to apply for one of our study programs, please fill out our application form and send it to our office. As soon as we have received the completed documents, you will receive an invitation to the entrance examination.
You can also send us the application form by e-mail as a pdf file.

Is there an age limitation?

Since we not only train actors, but also offer other people the opportunity to take advantage of our training programs (further training for trained actors or artists from other disciplines, teachers, etc.), there is no age limit.
If you would like to apply for the profession of an actor and are older than the average age for admission to drama schools (approx. 24 years), we will be happy to advise you on your desired profession during the entrance examination.

When is the next entrance examination?

There are no fixed dates for the entrance examination at MTSB. You can apply at any time until the beginning of a new academic year (last week in September). After the start of a new academic year, however, admission is only possible in particularly justified cases.
As soon as we have received your completed application, you will receive an invitation to the entrance examination.
We always invite small groups to the scheduled examination dates in order to allow for an individual perception of the applicants.

How do I get information about the individual study programs?

Click on the link 'Education' and choose the study program that interests you.
For more information, please send an email or contact our office, which will be happy to connect you with one of the students or lecturers who can help you.

Where can I get the application documents?

How does the entry into the postgraduate course work?

The prerequisite for admission to the postgraduate course is the successfully completed basic course at the MTSB, the Chekhov academic year.
Your work in the final project of the Chekhov academic year will be supervised by the main subject lecturers (scene, language) and they then decide together on your admission to the postgraduate course.

For applicants transferring to us from another school there is the possibility of taking a placement test to complete in order to be admitted directly to postgraduate studies become.
As a requirement for admission to postgraduate studies we expect the theoretical and practical basic knowledge in the Chekhov acting technique, as well as knowledge of the basic elements of the Stanislavsky system.
In addition, we expect the foreplay of two elaborated roles, as well as the recitation of a poem or an epic text.

ZAV exam - how does it work?

Upon completion of postgraduate studies, each student receives a diploma. This diploma is valid as admission for the ZAV examination.
You will receive details about the ZAV examination procedure You through this website.

Training contract / termination

If you pass the entrance exam, you will receive from us a training contract. In the first six weeks takes place the admission to the test takes place. During this time, the contract can be but can also be terminated by the studio without notice and without reason. After that, a termination at the end of the respective trimester with a period of notice of six weeks possible.


Start of studies, class times, holidays
When is the next start of studies?

We take on a new class every year. Studies usually begin in the last week of September. Applicants can apply until shortly before the start of their studies.


School Dates 2024/25

1. Trimester 30. September - 20. Dezember 2024
2. Trimester 13. Januar - 04. April 2025
3. Trimester 28. April - 18. Juli 2025



What are the lesson times?

The main lessons take place Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. In addition, there are two classes on two afternoons. The scenic work begins in the second trimester. Two more afternoon appointments are required for this. In the 3rd trimester the final piece is worked on. The rehearsals take place parallel to the main lesson. The weekly teaching time is about 40 hours - during the final rehearsals the weekly workload can reach up to 60 hours.


Postgraduate studies
Postgraduate students take part in basic training. This usually takes place in the morning. The other classes take place in the afternoon until the early evening hours. For project work, the rehearsal plan, which is coordinated with the respective specialist lecturer, is decisive.

When are holidays?

The course is divided into three trimesters each year. There are three weeks of vacation at Christmas and Easter. In the summer there is a nearly three-month summer break.

Approximate trimester times - exact dates see: "When is the next start of studies?"

1st trimester: September to December
2nd trimester: January to March/April
3rd trimester: April/May to July


Financing the study
What financial support options are there?

The Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin is a supplementary school according to § 102 of the school law for the state of Berlin.
Training support can be provided for training at the MTSB according to §9 BAföG.
The "Schüler-BAföG" must be at the place of residence of the parents or, in the case of separately living parents, at the responsible district administration in Berlin be requested. After successful processing, the Funding from the month in which the application is first submitted to the office was asked.


It is also possible to apply for grants from foundations with which the MTSB maintains contacts. It should be noted, however, that many foundations have changed their funding priorities in recent years and the prospect of success is therefore quite limited.


Other promotion
Another option is project funding. By a tuition fees can also be reduced if the funding is apportioned in a meaningful way.

Can you work alongside your studies to earn money?

Of course, with private training, it must be possible to work alongside your studies in order to earn a living. Experience has shown that there are a lot of rehearsals in the times before the end of the trimester. For this reason, we recommend looking for a job that allows you flexibility in organizing your time.


Help with the search for housing

Hier findest Du verschiedene Portale, über die Du Wohnungen suchen oder Dir bei der Suche helfen lassen kannst.

MTSB Wohnung & Zimmer - MTSB students page for housing seekers on facebook.

Studentenappartements Berlin - unfortunately the offers there are quite expensive

Student ID / BVG discount / certificate of study

Student ID
As soon as you are registered as a student, you will receive a student ID.


BVG monthly ticket
With our student ID you can get a monthly ticket for students from the BVG.


Study certificates
As soon as you have signed your education contract with us, you can get a certificate of study in our office. With this certificate you can apply for child benefits and other subsidies.

In which language are the lessons held?

Classes are held in German. Foreign applicants should have a very good knowledge of German. Workshops are held in English with English workshop leaders - with teachers of other nationalities in their language with translation.

Is it also possible to attend individual attend?

You can participate in individual classes (basic training, Aikido, Feldenkrais, etc.). However, it is a prerequisite that the respective lecturer gives his consent and that you enroll for the whole trimester.


If your question is not included in this list, please send us an email.






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