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Professional Training for Actors
          three years full-time study
          Stage Examination
          preparation for ZAV-Examination
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Szenen Abschluss

Tschechow Studienjahr 2016/17 - inszeniert von Studenten des Aufbaustudienjahres 2

Fr. 24. und Sa. 25. Mrz 17  -  20.00 h

Szenen Abschluss

Aufbaustudienjahr 2

Mi. 29. , Do. 30. und Fr. 31. Mrz 17  -  18.00 h



Chekhov Foundation Year
          nine months of full-time study,
          Basic Year, professional orientation, training

Vocational Acting Seminar
          Intensive study of nine weekends per year


          for professional actors with
          international acknowledged trainers



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